More social interaction within CityStrides

I’m interested in adding a social layer to CityStrides… Following runners, messaging, group run planning, etc. I’d love your feedback/ideas on this!

The first step I’ve taken is adding a new tab to your city page called ‘Fellow Striders’. It shows you the other runners in your city, and you can check out their progress. Here’s my city page as an example.

Now that you’ve got that view of other runners in your city, what would you like to do with that? Here are some ideas that I have so far:

  • A ‘cheer on’ button to cheer their progress
  • A way to request a run with them
  • A way to schedule a run with a group of runners in your city
  • A way to find other runners in your city that run at your recent average pace
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It all sounds good to me. I like the idea of “request a run with them”, it sort of reminds me of a friends request on Facebook. The recipient can ignore it if they want. But if accepted it would be nice to have some sort of chat/message feature too.
Also, maybe the ‘schedule a run with a group’ could be set up so you can make an invitation to anyone who checks your page. If you have a specific route planned for a certain date (or a reoccurring run, say every Saturday) you could put up an invite with time and location to meet up.

Thanks for all your hard work,


I think this is a great idea. In every city, there is that neighborhood or street which is just a little uncomfortable to run alone. Perhaps people will add a layer of safety by taking those spots on with a buddy or in small groups…


yes, yes, yes and yes ! the first time I signed into citystrides, I was frustrated by the basic “users” list, this is the first place I went. The second place was my city. Please add some sort (Flagstaff page 1 of 1008 !)

also , some inspiring facts

  • why not some generated ranking on my city ? “Jim performed 95 % of city xxx, he is about to complete, keep on”

  • hey look at the last 20 miles of Sam on your city"

  • cities ranking : the most actives cities in february

  • challenges : Cover Flagstaff in March !

  • Badges : I am sure you have infinite ideas about that

  • create and follow runners groups

  • post publications in groups

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I’m just picturing a group of like 10 people running down a dead end street and then turning around and getting looks from the residents of that street. :slight_smile:


also coming to a node : let’s turn right! No sorry right is green for me I turn left . goodbye !


I think being able to add friends would be cool like on Strava. Being able to see your friends recent runs on the homepage and have a leaderboard among friends for roads completed or something. I think the list of users with most completed streets in month or week could be on a different leaderboard page. Maybe the leaderboard has overall leaders and then one for you and your friends.


This would definitely enrich the experience of CityStrides. Currently I use it just for looking at my own progress and it would be great to have some competition element with friends. I would like to have something like a friends-function, so really make the competition personal :slight_smile:

As far as I am aware, these social features have not (yet) been implemented? I imagine you’ve had lots of other priorities in the meantime!

Just wanted to say that I also think these social features would be good addition.

I’d also like to have the option of some comparative data analysis too. An option to overlay maps for different citystrides users, and see whether your completed streerts overlap or are distinct from one another. Maybe also an opportunity to form ‘ad hoc’ teams and allocate different streets to different team members, and ‘complete’ a city as team rather than as an individual?

It’s a tricky one, we already have a lot of Social platforms, Instagram, FB, Snapchat, Twitter plus many running social platforms. Personally I use Instagram to share my run every street updates and get great interaction on there. So personally I wouldn’t use a social section on here. For me this forum is great for tech issues and such, think it should stay at that level

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I kinda like it… But then one’s pace comes into question too, when it comes to knocking out a street or two.

Just realized I bet @JamesChevalier meant “pace” on this bullet item:

Closing this - it’s too broad (too many items in one post) - in favor of:

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