Montreal: several streets with the same name count as 1 street

Hello Team,
I found out in my last 2 runs that there are some streets I fully ran that were not accounted.
The reason seems to be that there are actually 2 streets in Montreal that have the same name.

See example for example this run: CityStrides

  • I fully ran ‘Rue Beauchemin’

  • But the streets appear in the ‘Progressed’ section (not as ‘Completed’).

  • The reason is that there is another street in Montreal with same name, so the system consider this as not complete.

I thought this would be an exception case but the same happened in the next run ( CityStrides ) with ‘Rue Saint Germain’:

I then realized that this issue was quiet common in Montreal, especially with ‘numbered street’. See for example ‘10eme avenue’ is split into 4 different streets that are clearly not the same:

The city might require a more granular split.
Note sure if this can be solved, but wanted to let you know about it.

Thanks and keep up with the great work!

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