Missing maps in activities


Hello there!

Just joined yesterday and connected my Strava and Map My Run. Looking at my lifetime map there are some streets not marked as having been run. I clicked through some of my activities at random and it seems to have quite a few missing maps. Any thing I can do retroactive to fix?
Thanks in advance!



I am also new to the site (joined 1/3/19) and am having some issues with older activities. Old activities from Map my Run and new activities from Strava from 1/7/19 and more recent seem to have synced fine, but none of my Strava data from 2014 - 1/6/19 has synced yet. Does it usually take this long for new accounts to sync?



My run today looks like it Synced without a map as well. There is a map in the Mapmyrun app though. Can this be fixed? I ran a number of new roads today. Also, I can’t figure out how to make my Runkeeper runs Sync/import, which I was hoping would fix the issue.



Hi @Runthechance @lkdorfer @bridgitt.looney … welcome! and sorry for the trouble! :flushed:

I can fix this up - it’s a somewhat-common issue where I hit Strava limits & don’t handle partially-created activities well … I really gotta fix that up …

I’ll post again after I work through the problem - it could take me a day or so. Thanks for your patience!



Thanks so much!