Missing maps details from activities

I have an activity without map details, but map details are in Strava. Activity is 4320286

Jim, I am sure you can do your magic, but is thre also a way for me to resolve this myself? For instance, if I delete from CityStrides, will it resync with Strava afterwards and try to upload the activity again?
Or is there a way of simply uploading a GPX file directly to City Strides?

Second question: is there any easy way to identify all activities without map details? I am pretty sure that there are some other runs missing from my Lifemap (was only able to identify this one as I have the race date on a t-shirt…for the others, I know I have run there, but don’t recall the date)

That’s a simple thing for me … I just fixed that activity.
Looks like 199 others, so I queued those up – I have no idea how that’ll go, given the current Strava API load.