Missing every activity before signup

I signed up (and became a supporter) about 8 days ago and I’m missing my entire backlog. I think I have all the activities after signup but none before it. I know it can take some time but from what I understood from the status page and forum posts it shouldn’t take this long?

  • I’m connected via Strava
  • There are >1500 activities in Strava, 12 in CityStrides
  • My usernumber is 15734
  • Using Chrome+MacOS (if that makes any difference)

Let me know if I can provide any additional info. At some point I checked out of curiosity and saw a lot of activities at IndexedDB/citystrides/activities but now it seems to be empty.

Oh and about status page, is it a generic status page with no personal info like whether you’re in a queue or your position on the queue?

Anyway kudos for running this site @JamesChevalier, looks like it keeps you really busy! I’m not in a hurry, just hoping that this would eventually got sorted out without adding too much stress on you :slight_smile:

I have the same!! Did a lot of runs in my previous home town but none of them are uploaded yet. Are they still get uploaded or is citystrides just doing the ones from the moment after signing up?

Good question :slight_smile: It would be nice to have a bit more information on what is going on in the background. Maybe something like “You have a batch scheduled for sync, there are 56 other waiting on the queue before you.” on the profile page. Or maybe there is and I’m just not on the queue! :sweat_smile:

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Check here for more information on what everything on the status page means.

While your individual activities should show up on the status page when you are logged in, unfortunately, it doesn’t currently list any status on your personal initial import status (not sure it easily can)

You have likely done everything properly. @JamesChevalier can confirm and check the server to make sure you are still in the queue after things went a bit pear-shaped last week.

Have fun!

This was @JamesChevalier’s response to another similar question recently:


Thanks for the reply! If several days delay is normal (at this point of time) then I’ll just keep on waiting :slight_smile: I just didn’t know how to interpret “very delayed and very slow” – hours, days, weeks?

I have the same thing - The best thing I did was post in the forum thread here and I’m assuming that someday it will be queued up. Reply Here If You Have Missing Activities Like others have said, I’m not sure what “very delayed” means. I can wait and have no problem waiting, I just kind of want to know if it’s going to be like weeks or months. It’s been over a week for me.


I don’t have any inside information, but if there are 162 accounts awaiting import, and each of those has 1000 previous activities (a guess), that is 162000 activities to import, and due to the Strava limits, the most CS can bring in per day is 15000

That is 11 days if none of us run or walk again and create another activity, but there are more than 10k members who are running and walking more than ever before.


If you use Twitter, this might be worth taking a look at