Missing blocks of completed streets in LifeMap when zooming in

Came across this (see pictures) when using the new released LifeMap:

When the LifeMap displays, it is missing square blocks of completed streets in random spots on the map. When I zoom out, all the streets will show completed (purple lines). When I zoom back in, the blank square blocks appear again.

I am seeing this when using Safari on both my Mac and iPad.

What you’re seeing is a tile not rendering. Can you eventually make it load through refreshes or zooming in/out, or is it stuck like that?

When I zoom out, it fills back in, but when I zoom back in, it disappears again. Not the end of the world, but I thought I would share what I’m seeing and to see if anyone else experienced this on other devices or browsers.

Can you try again?

I just restarted the service that serves the map tiles - I’m interested if this resolved the issue (server weirdness) or if it didn’t (actual data weirdness).


I just logged out and back in again and I get the same issue. seems to be when I first display the LifeMap and/or when I zoom in a certain amount.

:thinking: ok, maybe it’s a problem with the data itself … I’m regenerating that but it could take some time.

I notice that your newest activity is from the 26th. I’ve done quite a bit of debugging on this new LifeMap system since then, so I’m hoping that your LifeMap is just full of old/fixed bugs. :grimacing: :crossed_fingers: :laughing:

Yes, I have been off the grid lately trying to recover. I just tried from a Windows 10 PC and I get the same issue. Maybe I need to stop running all together so I keep my LifeMap small. :rofl:

:laughing: my servers would thank you :rofl:

Your map is actively being built now - I’m guessing it’ll be about 15 minutes for that to complete. Hopefully this fixes it!

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ok - how’s that looking?

Also - I recently added a feature that highlights the activity while mousing over it … this seems to make my computer go nuts with certain LifeMaps. Let me know if that seems to be causing you any issues.

Seems to have fixed it! Thx.

Love the mouse over feature and when I click on it, it bring up the activity in another window. That will come in handy for those who want to clean up their LifeMaps.

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