Metro districts or other census designated places?

I noticed some metro districts or census designated places that are not technically cities or towns do not have citystrides pages and cannot be tracked. Are there plans to get these in there? For example, Highlands Ranch, Colorado? Thanks

Thanks for posting this. I actually have the same question (and funny enough, for the same census designated place).

The locations need to exist in OpenStreetMap - that’s my data source for cities/streets/etc.

I suggest adding places to the missing/broken city tracker - that’s my working document, so if it’s not in there it’s very unlikely to get added.

In addition to that - there are some helpful people in the forum that can add locations if they don’t already exist. Posting like you’ve done will help, but including specific names will be required - otherwise they’ll just be guessing. :sweat_smile:

More general info is available in the #wiki category: About the Node, Street, and City Data

OK, thanks. I’ve added it to the Broken City tracker.

Highlands Ranch is already in OpenStreetMaps but as a point feature (classified as a hamlet). I assume that the feature has to be a polygon with defined boundaries for it to appear in CityStrides?

Yeah, it has to be either a relation or a way record to be brought into CityStrides. There are some people here in the forum that know how to create those, though - so we might get lucky!

OK, cool, thanks!