Membership status changed?

I am a monthly membership contributor, but my access has been restricted - it seems as if my last monthly contribution registered as a one-time donation.

Has this happened to anybody else?

I plot out my Saturday long runs on Friday, so I hope the issue can be resolved soon.

This is weird. I just emailed you about it, but I’ll also reply here in case anyone else is having this issue.

Everything in my billing software looks right - you’re all set with the ongoing subscription.
Your user record in my database didn’t have you as a subscriber, though. It had you as a one-time contributor with 8 months left on your access. I’ve since fixed this up.

My best guess at the moment is that the alert for your subscription payment came in, and my code responded incorrectly. This is extremely worrying to me, because it involves billing, but the impact doesn’t seem to be too severe - none of the actual billing details were incorrect/missing, and it was a simple fix to your account … I think the worst case scenario here would have been a short lapse in access to subscriber features (not that I’m trying to minimize this - you should get what you pay for).

If anyone else has this issue, please chime in! :fearful:

Update: It appears to be tied to there being a one-time contribution, and then a subscription. So I’ll dive into that code to make sure that I’m converting people properly.