Marking streets as completed

Hi! Sorry for the double post. So i’ve been going over my past runs and at least 40% of the streets I’d ran show up as only partially completed and not fully, despite knowing i ran fully up and down these streets. I’ve spent the last hour manually marking all the ones I did complete, but surely this isn’t normal? I’m trying to run every street in my borough but this manually marking it is probably too time consuming for me haha.

Is there a better way?

Thanks a lot!

This does not sound ok, If you share your profile we can take a closer look.

Hugo Mcguire - CityStrides Does this work?

I’ve marked most of them as complete now. But I can give examples if that makes it clearer

I’m going to go on another run soon which I plan on running at least 20 new streets so I’ll see after what it says!

Yes that is your profile page but your account is currently set to private so we can’t see any of your activity pages. To make your profile & activities public (at least temporarily for us to see),

  1. On CityStrides, in the upper right corner, select the CityStrides’ logo and select Settings
  2. On left, select the Privacy tab
  3. Select ‘Everyone | Completely public’ option
  4. Save
  5. Reply back when that is updated.

Okay I’ve updated and gone for a run. If you look at the ‘Progressed’ tab and go to ‘Avondale road’ or ‘Brampton road’ it says i’ve only partially ran them, when actually you can can see I ran the whole thing?

It also says ‘11 completed’ but I just went through them and it’s closer to 40 in that tab? I feel like I’m missing something here haha

I was correct in my reply in the other topic you posted recently. This is cause of Greater London has nested cities within it. When that occurs, streets will be listed twice in an activity page; once for Greater London & once for the smaller city/borough (ex: London Borough of Haringey).

Looking at your most recent run (here), it reports 11 streets completed & 33 progressed on that run. On the Completed tab, you’ll see Avondale Road listed and underneath it it will specify the city that street is in (Haringey). You can select the Go button and it will zoom to show you all the nodes for that street. If you return and go to the Progressed tab, you’ll also see Avondale Road but instead it will list Greater London under it. If you select Go next to that one, again it will zoom but this time it will show that there are multiple different Avondale Roads in Greater London. In order to mark the Avondale Road for Greater London complete, you would have to run all these separate Avondale Roads.

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Thanks this makes sense! One last thing, do you know why under the 11 streets completed it show more than 11 streets?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I don’t have any nested cities myself to know the full workings & counting on them so potentially another user can clarify or @JamesChevalier may be able to review if there is a miscount.

Fair enough, thanks for all your help !

@JamesChevalier i’ve attached a picture just to show where my confusion is coming from. it says 11 streets completed on my last run, yet has 4 pages worth of streets I finished, closer to 35

Well, a first look at it shows 39 completed streets in the list, but really only 28 distinct streets, all in Haringey, and then 11 of those are also complete for Greater London (meaning the other 17 also extend into other boroughs).
But why only the ”11 in Greater London” are shown in the header, that’s for @JamesChevalier to sort out…:grin: