March Free-For-All?


Will there be a continuation of the testing with a March Free-For-All challenge?

Yes please!

Yeah, I’d like to continue this testing! I’ve been a little busy lately, but I’ll try to set all this up soon.

I’m extremely happy to hear that people are asking for a March Challenge - this tells me it’s a worthwhile feature :smile:



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I’ve added everyone from the February Free-For-All, and started off the jobs to calculate progress so far. I’ve only got a limited amount of resources dedicated to this processing, since we’re still in ‘testing land’, so it could take some hours to complete. It did seem like things kept up reasonably well over February’s Challenge, though.

// @dallas.devries @jpbari


I do not know why but I am no longer part of the March challenge.
However I don’t think I left the challenge but maybe I did a bad manipulation.
Can I join the challenge again?
Thank you

That’s weird.
I’ve re-added you and started processing. You appear in the list now, but it’ll take some time for you to move up from 0 streets. :smiley:

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ok thanks!