Maps viewable on mobile device?

While I have always been able to access the website just fine on a mobile device, I’ve never been able to view my LifeMap. Trying to load my LifeMap will cause it to freeze up. Error messages include “This webpage was reloaded because a problem occurred” and “A problem repeatedly occurred.” This happens on both an iPhone and iPad.

(1) Seeing as I’ve always had this issue on both of my mobile devices, I imagine it’s the same for all users.
(2) Does using LifeMapLive work on an iPhone?

Thanks for all your hard work. Off to work on Clearwater a bit more!

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Wow! What a map!

My current guess - and I’ve got an item in my to-do list for this - is that a certain amount of data breaks the map view on some devices.
Right now, I’m displaying the LifeMap as a collection of each activity’s encoded polyline - converting each to GeoJSON for display on the map. I wrote some code to store that data in the browser, so it shouldn’t re-query the site every time you visit … but I’m not :100: certain that this is working as expected.
I’m doing some research into mbtiles, and serving those separately. I think this is the most efficient way to display this data. I have some privacy concerns that I haven’t addressed yet.

If anyone reading along has some knowledge on the most efficient way to store lots of data in Mapbox, please share. :smile: Or if you want to do some research and share what you find… :+1:

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The LifeMap works fine on my iPhone. It does however require me to log in again almost every time I go back to it.

I’ll second that. I have pretty much never been able to get my lifemap to load on any mobile browser. I’m on an iPhone 8 now, for the record.

Just to be contrary, I have no issues viewing my lifemap on mobile (android version 9 on a samsung s9 -perhaps it’s an iphone/ipad software specific issue?)

There’s also this issue: LifeMap is blank

Do you find certain desktop browsers also don’t work?

The two ongoing issues are:

  • certain activity map data causes failure (link above is for this)
  • some browsers/devices have difficulty displaying “too much” data

Once upon a time I used to have to use different browsers on desktop: Nowadays I have zero issues using Firefox or Chrome. The web app is entirely working for me, although it takes a while to load all the data, normally. I don’t even touch Safari anymore, but am testing for you now… It’s having a hard time. I can’t get Safari to show my map. It shows Nodehunter nodes though.

:thinking: I don’t know if it’s relevant, yet, but I do notice that you have the strange X-ed out square off the cost of Africa in your LifeMap that I found in LifeMap is blank … It looks a bit like this:

I decided to look into it a bit more, while I’m waiting for this mountain of background jobs to finish :grimacing: and :tada: I figured it out :tada:

Strava sends (or at least sent) treadmill runs (or potentially just Garmin-tracked treadmill runs) with a timeseries data that looks like a GPS track but definitely is not. My code was naively accepting that, thinking “if you’re sending me this data it must be the data that I wanted”

Narrator: it was not the data that he wanted

The fix turned out to be super simple. I just check for an array of latitude/longitude data, and if it isn’t there I exit early (saving the Activity, without the map data - just like a treadmill run).
The big :thinking: now is how do I delete all the coordinate data for activities that have this bad data? It’s fairly difficult because the table that holds all this data is almost 1TB in size … so … :anguished: :grimacing:
We’ll see!

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That’s the center of the universe!

Can you try out your LifeMap again on mobile? I want to see if the work I just did on those bad activities helped out at all…

Didn’t work. Killed Chrome. “Aw, Snap! Something went wrong…”
Edit: Same result in incognito tab.

Damn! :angry:
So it must be that there’s too much data being displayed on the map for your device(s). That’s a bummer, I was really hoping it was the strange X activities.
Well, I am researching better ways to display all this data - so hopefully I can eventually get this fixed up. Sorry!

Don’t be sorry, it’s a huge project.
What if you only gave the option for displaying per-city maps? Or sections of lifemaps? I don’t think the data is organized that way, but loading my ENTIRE map is what the issue is; typically (especially on mobile) I only need to see the area roughly around where I am.

I mean, for my use-case, I’d use the mobile heatmap feature to figure out which roads were undone.