Mapmyfitness connection?

Hi! Had an email from Citystrides saying my mapmyfitness connection needed to be reconnected. Instructions were to log out and then log back into Citystrides. Logged out. But can’t log back in :frowning:

When trying to log back in message says “can’t authenticate”

Sorry for the trouble - looks like the MapMyFitness API is down. I’m seeing lots of timeout errors.
Their status page also mentions some web issues - could be related:

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Looks like its them!!

Hi thanks. Yeah just seen that. Forgot to check their status page!

I emailed their support team to confirm that their Web App status also applies to their API (I’m assuming it does). Hopefully they’ll be back soon - sorry for the trouble!

No worries. It’s not a Citystrides issue. I’ll book mark the mapmyfitness status page for future use and try to remember to check that first! :grin:

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Seems to be resolved now😁