Map not refreshing when switching users since last update

@JamesChevalier -

Since the update yesterday, I have begun to experience an issue where if I look at on user’s map then switch to another user’s map in the same browser session, it does not change the purple lines unless I force a refresh.

For example, I loaded a city (Perrysburg, Ohio - CityStrides) and reviewed my map for Perrysburg.

Then I click the link for lifemap under “andrew janes”

As you can see by the address bar, it SHOULD be showing me his map, but all it does is expand my map to full size and doesn’t re-draw the purple lines to match his map.

I experienced this, or something similar, on Chrome on a PC as well as on an android phone using chrome browser

Oops! Thanks for reporting - I think I see what’s going on, and should be able to have a fix out today.