Map is wrong

I also tried to complete Jordan Rd, which I had apparently missed in my first try. I headed that way, but while this stretch of road appears in your map, Strava, and mapquest, it does not appear in google maps. And I was there this morning, and it is just a bunch of boulders. I am attaching pictures I took this morning and a screenshot of google maps.

I want to clarify there is supposed to be a stretch of jordan rd across the street from Boulder Lane. I already did the Jordan Rd that is visible in the map.

Hi Lucia, there are two options for you to complete Jordan Dr.

First and easiest for you would be to go to the Stoughton page and find Jordan Dr. Click “go”, and then click “manually complete”. That should fix your list of completed streets.

Second, and this is a long term solution for others that will want to complete Jordan Dr, you will have to go to the desktop site for then find the segment of road where Jordan Dr is not actually there. You can sign up for a free account there and submit a map correction. This is the base map that all of CityStrides is built upon. You can make any corrections that you like, and every few months James imports the new Open Street Map file to clean up issues like this. The corrections don’t show up in CS for a long time, so don’t expect this solution to fix your list any time soon.

I’d say just add it as a manual completion and some day someone will fix that error in OSM.

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Thanks a lot, Alan!

@lucialzag, just to follow up on what @alanbernier said, you can see that the second segment of Jordan Drive does exist in OpenStreetMap. This second link will take you to the website where you can actually delete that road if it does not exist as you’ve shown in your photos.

Minor correction about how frequently the OSM data is updated in CityStrides: there is not a regular update process in place at this time. Jim’s most recent CityStrides Roadmap update states the following:

The next step is to build a system that stays up to date with changes in OpenStreetMap. I don’t have an ongoing topic to discuss this work, because it’s pretty much just me thinking and typing until something works. :smile:

As far as getting credit for completing the street, I’ll just add the other options described in this post about street data:

Thanks a lot, Dave!!

I chose #1. I’m making at least one correction per week to OSM. (Interestingly, I’ve found at least one example where OSM was right and Google Maps was wrong.)