Map center a bit crazy for Challenges?

I visited the March Move challenge page and while most of it looks correct, the map is not centered on anything useful

Looking back at the previous challenges they all center in the same place for me.

I can’t reproduce this, but I have an idea about how it happens…

The map is persisted for your entire visit, and its zoom/center/other values change from page to page. It’s likely that you visited one page with a close zoom, then navigated to the challenge page (even if transitioning through a page without a map; it’s still there, just hidden) and its zoom didn’t get reset.

I’ll just have to navigate around the site for a while to see which page transition(s) cause this. :sweat_smile:

I just went to my lifemap link - it centered on my home city. Then I went through the menus to the challenge page and it zoomed out and then zoomed back into this Antarctic location

Ah ha! I had the lat/lon reversed :man_facepalming:
That should be fixed now

…seriously, who lets me use computers…


Centering works properly now, it doesn’t zoom in at all, but it is over the right part of the map it should be, but still zoomed out.

Not sure if that is as intended or not.

lol I couldn’t remember so I had to go look … It does look like I intended to zoom out unless the Challenge is city-specific, in which case it should show the city border and fit that to view.

I’m open to opinions on this. My instinct is that it should fit your activities to view, using whatever zoom level is required to do that.

(These Challenge pages are so painfully uninteresting, I can’t wait to put some serious effort into them)

I agree with your instinct - zoom to have the map show all the activities in the view

:confounded: I’m not having an easy time fitting the map bounds to a vector tile. For now, I’m just going to zoom the map in a bit (I’ll use the same zoom as the LifeMap).