Manually completed streets not be included in % Complete

I was attempting to complete a town with 2 streets. One was completed and the other was manually completed. However the town is still showing 50% complete. Is this happening across all towns where any manually completed streets are not included when determining the percentage of the town that is completed?

There are some hastily-created caches here and there that cause things to be delayed, up to a day. If you share your user profile link and the city links, I can manually purge those to see if that helps.

I was wondering if that may be the case. It hasn’t quite been 24 hours, but here are the links:

Town: Kilkenny, NH

User Profile:

Thanks James

There we go!
:thinking: some weird combo of the cache and the calculation not being done :man_shrugging:

Oh. I bet the action of manually completing a street doesn’t kick off other jobs that activity syncing does…

ummm, so If I would have done a “Sync Now” or waiting until my next workout, it would have corrected itself? Thanks for looking into it, James. I’m really liking the progress being made with CityStrides and it will probably just make my addiction to street baggin’ worse. ;^)