Manual Upload

thanks, just synced my garmin with mampyrun. the activity synced with city strides almost right away

After this, i am considering to get rid of my strava connection to CS and change it to mapmyrun and switch completely. It would be helpful if i could stop the sync on strava without deleting the connection. Just stopping the sync on future runs would suffice.

Hey, i am even considering to only import the CS dedicated runs to mapmyrun and keep a ‘clean’ import of my history, without walks (i personally would keep those out, although i get why James incroporates them) and very old history. when i then kill the strava link, i have a nice clean sync on my strides

Another question: i expect that connecting to one of the gpx providers to CS, this means James is getting each GPX datafile onto a server (probably cloudbased for scalabilty). Then why connect at all? make an ulpoad screen and you have the gpx without api stuff nedded to/from any 3rd party provider.
Anyone can enlighten me on this thesis?

Just stopping the sync on future runs would suffice.

Yeah, that’s an idea in Pause/Stop sync toggle that I do intend to implement.

getting each GPX datafile onto a server

Outside of the advanced LifeMap (which uses mbtiles), there are no files involved in CityStrides at all.

Then why connect at all?

This is a decent question for some people and particularly right now in CityStrides history.
I started with APIs because – going back to day one of CityStrides – I’m a Runkeeper user, they have an API, I’m not going to futz with files if I can collect data automatically through the API.
Things have changed a bit :flushed: since then, and I’m hearing that people are much less manual-effort-dealing-with-files-averse than I am. I expect at some point I’ll offer some kind of “sign in with email/password and manually upload files” option, but right now I’m working on the Garmin integration.


Thanks for the update. I would hope you find time for the stop sync on strava. I would go to mapmyrun just for myself but also to have one drop less in that great cue bucket.

And i hope you get along with that garmin api stuff. Thumbs crossed.

Here is a long answer…a lot of people are not technically inclined. Go ask them to login to Garmin Connect, go to their activity, download it and then upload it again. I’m not saying its hard but if I’m James I want to maximize ease of use to maximize user engagement and I think it would be a challenge for a lot of people. Also if user goes a month and comes back they have to download 30 activities manually. Its a much nicer experience to not have to do anything and have the data ingested automatically. A hardcore user would upload every time (I have been recently because of Strava delays) but if you want to capture new users and people that might not start as hardcore users (but might be someday) you want to remove every pain point possible. Usability is huge, I signed up and stopped coming because the navigation and features were not all that clear to me. I just assumed it was largely just a free version of Stravas heatmap.
The only reason I came back was because other people I know were using it (I was just manually trying to fill out my Strava heatmap).

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Am I correct in thinking it will be needed? When Garmin sync becomes a reality :crossed_fingers:, won’t we Garmin->Strava users, need to “turn off” Strava syncs, but keep our Strava account here, and the data? I recall reading if one deletes Strava here, the data “goes away” too?

I’m excited about direct Garmin integration, and [will] offer my account for testing (in case I miss the announcement).

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Hi was thinking is it possible to set up a manual import routine for FIT or GPX files or similar? Might help get around API limits?

I use Suunto then Map My Fitness then to CityStides. Today there was an issue with Suunto to MMF, so I manually downloaded Suunto FIT file and manually imported into MMF, took next to no time. Which is where I thought if CityStides had a manual import routine based on certain common run file types, it would resolve a lot of the waiting issues we see. Plus some people also want to be selective about the runs they import

Voted! @JamesChevalier

I use Tapiriik to automatically sync things between Strava, Garmin, and Dropbox.

Given that Tapiriik is open-source, it seems like it could be fairly straightforward to add CityStrides as a destination to Tapiriik and/or allow manual uploads from Dropbox, etc.

As a bonus, Tapiriik knows how to avoid synchronizing duplicates and sidesteps the Strava API issue for you.

i have been using for all my hikes in the city. now I’m using google earth to combine. I would like to change but need to be able to upload wikiloc data.

What happened to the manual import from Strava, it seems to have disappeared? Used to be at bottom of settings page?

I think you mean the one under Activity Trackers?

Wherever it was it isn’t there any more :+1:

I meant you find Strava upload under Settings - Activity Trackers now

Hi @JamesChevalier can you clarify this one? To get ‘access’ to the upload a single run from Strava ‘box’ I have to ‘unpause’ my connection to Strava otherwise that box is hidden from my view. BUT I only want to upload the odd run from Strava on a run by run basis using the single upload box not every Strava run I do - but to ‘see’ this box I need to unpause Strava which means ALL my runs in Strava will start to sync? Shouldn’t the upload a single run from Strava box be somewhere else on the website to avoid this?

Sort of… right now you can do this to bring in one activity for a paused Strava account (and this will not bring in your full history):

  • Un-pause Strava
  • Don’t track new activities with Strava at this time, to keep them from syncing
  • Use the single-activity sync form
  • After you see the activity in CityStrides, re-pause Strava
  • You are now free to track new activities in Strava without them syncing

I agree that it should be possible to sync a single activity while a service is paused. The current version of this single activity sync feature required almost no code, because I used everything that already exists. This route forced my hand in respecting whether or not the service is paused. It’s likely that some day in the future I’ll change things a bit to allow this.

Thank you, I can work with that explanation :grinning:

Or as I go Suunto - Strava - Citystrides, and at moment I’ve disconnected Suunto to Strava, so if I need a run in CS, before I go on the run I reconnect Suunto to Strava, do the run , that one run syncs through, then disconnect Suunto to Strava again. That should work as well. Provided I’ve unpaused Strava in CS!!! Just need a way of adding the odd run when I go out to re-run nodes I’ve manually completed, but without dragging in all my trail runs