Manual complete streets not marked on map?

Relatively new to the app and loving it. After 40 years of running, this has given me a new motivation. Phone location services were accidentally shut off on my phone so Strava didn’t record my 10.3 mile run. Last night I marked a few streets complete manually. This morning, the streets are still not marked with a purple line. is this expected? Sync issue? user error?


:thinking: I don’t think I change the color for manually completed streets, though I’m not sure if you’re talking about the individual nodes on the map or something else.

I’m not seeing the street marked at all although when I manually completed the street, I got a message saying “successful.” On this map I manually completed Roy and Desaulnier streets.

Hi Paul,

The purple lines are generated from your GPS data and basically is taking your route and superimposing it onto a world map. When your watch or gps device fails to generate a route, you will not see your route (in purple) displayed on your life map.

Manually completing a street just moves that street from the “not completed” to “completed” streets and increased the percentage of streets completed. it is used in cases where you can clearly see (in purple) that you have completed the street, part of the street could not be run (due to private, fenced off, etc), or nodes not in the correct place relative to the street on the map. Hope that make sense.


Thanks Ed I figured so much after fooling around with it a bit. Unfortunately I left the gym and turned it on as I started my run (which would have completed Pinardville area) but something seems to turn my location device off at the gym as it’s happened before but I caught it. Anyways I’ll do it over to get my map filled in after all this is something that is suppose to be fun right?