Make it easier to switch/set shoes

I’ve heard this feedback quite a bit, and I’ve got some ideas. I’d like feedback and/or new ideas…

Associate activities with shoes through the activity’s ‘notes’ section:

  • Allow you set set a ‘hashtag’ for each shoe, e.g. #Brooks, #AsicsGelNimbus, etc
  • When each activity is imported, it could check for a hashtag in the notes & if the hashtags matches a pair of your shoes, it could associate it automatically
  • If a hashtag was not found, it would use your default shoe

Are there any other ways you’d like to make associating shoes with activities easier?

I don’t know much about runkeeper, or about long term plans for the page. However, both Strava and Mapmyrun have their own equipment tracking. If it were possible to import that data it might simplify the whole thing. As it is, if I wish to track shoes here and in MapMyRun I have to do everything twice.

The Strava API returns the gear in the Activity response in the field. I wouldn’t want to use hashtags to set shoes. I just wouldn’t use the feature if it required manual effort.

I think this is a feature you should drop. Some people might use it, but overall it’s not your focus, and Strava (and all other trackers) already do it, and to it well.

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I agree. When I first built the feature, not all trackers had the feature. Now that they all have it, my version is redundant.

First, I want to get in touch with people who do have shoes in here to make sure they won’t be losing any data (like I would if I deleted this right now).

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i use runkeeper t keep track of my shoes so i don’t need it too