I notice that highway=Living_street are not imported to CS. Maybe they should, they seem like highway=residential, but with low speed limits for cars and pedestrians prioritized?

If they are missing in the import, they should be in for sure! It’s just slow driving residential roads, as said above

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I’m looking at this one: Way: ‪Mellangatan‬ (‪569074664‬) | OpenStreetMap
Not in CS, unless something has changed since ladt update on Apr 28

Way records tagged highway=living_street are brought into CityStrides. If you click the Run button (top right) on and then click the magnifying glass icon on the map after the results are in - you’ll be able to zoom in and see that the street is returned.

The reason that Mellangatan is not present in CityStrides right now is because it was only just recently updated with the highway=living_street tag: Way History: ‪Mellangatan‬ (‪569074664‬) | OpenStreetMap

Aha… I haven’t really grasped how to see the history in OSM

I just learned while looking into this :smiley:

I’m unsure how useful that view is outside of this particular tag-based change. If someone adds/removes nodes to a Way, it’s really difficult to spot those changes (outside of how it displayed e.g. “3 nodes” above the list).

But now I see that it looks like it was highway=service before, and in that case it should also have been included before?