List of users bug

Each page has 24 users, but when you go to next page last 12 from previous page is first 12 in next page.

If i open menu and close it again it wil start loading all users when scrolling down.

Yeah, this is tough.

Each ‘page’ of users is 12, but two (or close enough to two) ‘pages’ fit in a screen.

Ideally a page of users would be taller than any browser view, so you can’t see two pages at once. Right now, since two pages fit into view at once, he first visit is actually showing two pages - super confusing.

I think the same problem exists for the list of Activities on your user page.

One way to ‘fix’ it is to switch the interaction from an infinite scroll to a paging system more like the street lists on city pages. :thinking:

Or just list it as a feature, not a bug :grin:
It’s not bothering me, it was just an observation.