LifeMap/Route Builder not working

Had my LifeMap up earlier and now it won’t load, either when I reload the page (map appears) but purple lines won’t, including with toggle. No big deal, I know my map pretty well. Node Hunter works, so I open Route Builder and set my start point and try to build my path. Instead I get a red error message: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘setData’). So these features do not seem useable at the moment, for me, and this is not a type of problem I’ve encountered in the past when the site is simply down.

Does same behavior occur in an incognito window and/or a different browser? Or on your different device (second computer, tablet, phone)?

What browser and version are you using? What OS platform and version?

I was able to successfully build a route so potentially there is a variable in your main browser/device (rogue extension, update, etc) that could be breaking tools for you.

Signing out and back in on the same browser worked, but it’s still a weird problem that I’d never experienced before so I thought I’d note it for James.

:thinking: That’s an oddly aggressive fix, for what I thought the issue could be. I would have expected either a page refresh or a new tab to solve it … or for me to have to totally rebuild the LifeMap … didn’t expect something in between like a log out / log in.
I’m decently certain that the recent changes around showing/hiding cities/streets have added some bugs, though, so I’m going to take some time to review that. Thanks for reporting this!

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