Lifemap only displays a recently synced activity at a closer zoom level

Yesterday and today my just-processed activities don’t show up on Lifemap, which is a bummer but I suppressed my urge to run to the forum and complain about it. However, today I decided to look for yesterday’s activity and it still wasn’t there 24+ hours post-sync/processing…until I zoom in close enough and the purple line of yesterday’s activity flashes in. Zoom back out, and it disappears again.

I was going to take a couple screen shots but it’s pretty self explanatory, not sure that it’s a bug, maybe just how processing/Lifemap updating works but I wish it didn’t happen.

Squeaky wheel gets the grease…now the activity on Lifemap seems stable and I can’t recreate the problem, but it is a general phenomenon I’ve noticed in the past and didn’t post about until now. I like to mention non-one-off problems in case they help improve the experience for others.

I think it has something to do with cached “tiles” at different zoom levels. If it happens again try clearing the cache?

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