Lifemap has solid purple areas

My lifemap over the last few days has turned solid purple in areas like I ran every inch of ground over several square miles. Any ideas as to why?

That’s weird … Do you have another browser/device that you can try? I do store some data in the browser cache, so I’m wondering if something is going wrong with that.

yes, I tried from desktop today using FireFox. It initially loaded looking correct then shortly after matched the view from my phone. I also tried from Chrome and it looks the same there as this screen shot.

In either Firefox or Chrome (whichever you use the least) can you try clearing the cache and viewing your LifeMap again? I’m interested in whether it displays correctly (and then breaks again).

In either browser, you can go into settings & search for ‘cache’ and you should see some options to clear it.

Yep, FF is my main browser so tried clearing everything from All time in Chrome a few times. Closing browser afterwards and relaunching the site and it loads wrong straight from the start each time. Tried same way with incognito mode too as saw some others in the forums with issues trying that and same issue. I believe it had only started this week. I don’t recall seeing it like that this past weekend.

Can you browse around some individual activities & see if any of them look wrong?
Also, does your activity list look correct (no duplicates)?

On left is a run from just last night, on right is that same ground from lifemap, lower left are the latest activities. No dupes and individual activity looks normal.

This is all difficult/impossible for me to figure out, since your account is private (well, effectively private since you’re “Per Activity” and all your activities set to private). In order to keep your privacy, I’ll have to explain some things for you to check on your own…

Another thing to try is visiting your view of this city’s page (clicking the link for the city from your profile page will do it)… On that page, look for some streets that are under these wild purple lines.

Are any streets that you didn’t run marked as complete?
If you do have any of these ‘mysteriously completed’ streets, click on the Go button for it & check the date completed … Does the activity on that date look weird?
Using show/hide buttons on some incomplete streets, are you able to find completed nodes (green) in areas that you haven’t run yet but where these wild lines exist?

Wild lines in the LifeMap like this are usually due to forgetting to turn off your tracking device or starting it, pausing, then restarting at some distance away. I can’t imagine that’s what happened here so many times though.
So I need to figure out if there’s incorrect activity data or if there’s something weird going on just with the display of the LifeMap.

So it appears the lines are not causing streets I have not run to be marked completed nor nodes of a street to turn green. This is a massively filled in purple area and I have not run this street but have run by the entrance. It still has red nodes on it. Same other places too. I can change privacy settings if you think that will help discover the issue. Thanks.

this map looks like you plan your runs with a spirograph :laughing: