Life map partially blocked by purple lines

When I have a look at my life map there is a part of the country blocked with a thick purple line that consists of many individual lines. This is particularly annoying because it blocks quit a bit of my hometown so I can’t see the streets I did or did not run clearly. Is there a way to fix this?

User: Martijn van der Heide (3957)

Oof! This looks like a pile of bad data. Well, after looking at your LifeMap and zooming into areas, it looks like it might be one or two extremely bad pieces of data.

Here it is - Track your Run - ASICS Runkeeper™ Running Tracker App
I don’t want to link to it in CityStrides, because the browser doesn’t handle it well.

If you delete/fix that activity in Runkeeper, then let me know, I can delete it in CityStrides (and then re-sync it, if you were able to fix it).

Thanks for looking into this. I deleted three runs where I saw similar problems (11/06, 11/10 & 11/14) and manually added the information in Runkeeper again (without the map). Can you delete it in CityStrides?

It seems that the bad data comes from my side. Somehow the data on the map is corrupted when I use Runkeeper. In case this happens again, will it solve the problem if I delete the run in Runkeeper and wait for the next sync in CityStrides?

Those are being deleted now. It’ll take some time to complete, but afterwards your LifeMap will be rebuilt so it should be cleaned up.

You should get in touch with Runkeeper support to see if they can help you with that.

But, yeah, deleting the activity in Runkeeper will keep it from reappearing in CityStrides. If another happens to sneak in, you should be able to delete it from its page - there’s a delete button at the bottom of the left column.

LifeMap has been rebuilt and functions properly again. About the corrupted data, I narrowed it down to a third party hardware (in my case Apple Watch). Has nothing to do with CityStrides or Runkeeper, maybe this information is helpfull in other cases you might run into.