Life map not showing?

How’s your LifeMap look now, @tg.richardson86 ? There was a decent delay (check CityStrides for that info) and it has since completed.
Same for you @jwkeim

The reason it blanked out is because I don’t handle the transition very well. Once you become a supporter, the advanced LifeMap kicks in - but that data needs to be created, so during that time no LifeMap is displayed.

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Looks amazing! Thank you! Love this site.

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It’s all back! Thanks so much. This site is the best :+1:

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My lifemap is also gone (same situation as above–became a supporter and it disappeared) – So I just wait for the system to catch up?

Just want to be sure there is nothing else I need to do.


Yeah, sorry. :thinking: I really need to fix that transition from regular to advanced LifeMap. :man_facepalming:
It looks like there’s a 24min delay on generating the LifeMap: CityStrides

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I can’t see life map and when move location of map or resize it comes up that I have lost webpage and need to reload

That sounds like there are too many activities to display for your browser/device to handle.

I was able to view your LifeMap. This page works for me: Jodi Beck's Map View - CityStrides

Do you have another device you can try?


My life map also will no longer show. It has been missing for a week or so, maybe a little more. Oddly, other people can see my life map but not me! It usually never shows on my phone but would on a desktop. Now it is completely gone :frowning:


That sounds like there are too many activities to display for your browser/device to handle.
I was able to view your LifeMap (took a few seconds to display).

It’s attempting to display 3959 individual activities, which is too much for some devices.

The advanced LifeMap (currently Subscriber-only; I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to make this available to everyone) fixes this. I also want to ask the Mapbox team if there’s something that I can do to make loading e.g. 3959 activities more effecient. Both of these tasks are coming second to resolving the ongoing sync issue, though.

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Ah, makes sense. I just recently also synced MapMyFitness so I am double synced with Strava. It helps with uploads. But then I end up with duplicate activities! My Strava account says my lifetime run total is only 2300. Can duplicates be ignored?

Not yet, but it’s a good idea. :thinking: Can you share links to a duplicate activity in CityStrides? I can do a quick check on something…

Strava 3/29

MapMyFitness 3/29

For some reason the two encoded polylines (the purple lines you see are a specific type of data) don’t equal each other.
Right, of course not. Each app is dropping its own GPS coordinates at its own rate, so they each have entirely different underlying data. You can see this by opening up both activities in different tabs on a desktop browser & switching back and forth between them very quickly - the green starting pin is slightly different on each.

That means it would be a bit more difficult to figure out which activities are “duplicates” of each other.

Could the filtering be done by the activity time instead of location? If there are two activities going on at the same time, they either are duplicates or something else is messed up with the accounts…

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Some people do record “out” activities and “back” activities, but if I can ignore all but one activity when there’s multiple within an X minute time-span that might do it.

maybe just a checksum of start and finish time? If they have similar start and finish times they are considered duplicate? That might save the out and back or sequential activities that might be caught by accident

On a related note, how do I unsync my MapMyFitness account? If I am able to do that, will the duplicates delete themselves?

Revoking access from within MapMyFitness will delete all of that MMF data in CityStrides.

Obligatory note for anyone reading along: Revoking access in your tracking service will delete all of that service’s data in CityStrides. Please only revoke if you want that data deleted.

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My lifemap has also not been appearing for 4-5 days now. It is simply blank. My user ID is 11173. Thanks!