Life map is different on public view

The life map I see in my account (user 27650) is different than what the public sees, and I am not sure why. It looks like the public life map only contains runs I have done in the past 4-5 months, whereas the one I see when logged in has my complete strava history. This is easily seen when I look at my pinned city, Austin TX.

I would like to fix this issue, but not sure how to do that.

Chris Howard

Yeah, there are two LifeMaps - public & private.
If your account privacy (which can be changed in Settings) is set to Per Activity, and you have some activities that are set to private, then those won’t show on your public LifeMap.

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Hi James - my account is set to Everyone - Completely public. Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 9.49.14 PM - yet the public Lifemap for me is only the recent past 4-5 months of running, yet the one I see when I login is my whole strava history. How do you think I can fix this, as I would like my family and other runners to see my full Lifemap. Thanks for any thoughts on this subject. Chris

That’s odd! It definitely should be the same, since your privacy is set to Everyone. I just started the job that rebuilds your LifeMap (both public & private), and I’ve been able to spot a few activities from 2015 & 2020 in this section of your LifeMap. Maybe it just needed a poke?

Let me know if it still looks off for you…

Hi james - I do see the route from 2015, but all of my runs from north Austin are missing. The poke that rebuilt my public and private Lifemaps didn’t seem to match them up - shoot. I checked with my daughters about what they were seeing too - and they do not see what I see ( I attached my account view of Austin so you can see the difference). Do you think I should delete my account and start over, or would it be helpful to troubleshoot some more? Thanks for your assistance Chris

I am not sure how long it will take James to reply, but in the past his advice has always been “DON’T DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT!” Seems that puts a big load on his system and is almost never the reason for the problem anyway.

ahhh - good input, thanks! I will wait and see what other troubleshooting thoughts bubble up as I cannot find a way to get my public LifeMap to reflect my private one…

Alright, I took another look at the data & noticed that there were ~1k activities that were set to ‘Just Me’ for some reason (probably a poorly timed server issue that interrupted something).
I kicked off the job that resets your privacy, so everything will be switched over to the ‘Everyone’ setting & your LifeMap will be rebuilt. It looks like this might be finished already.

James! that did it!

Thank you very very much for continuing to look into this issue for me!


My lifemap is different when I’m logged in or not although my setting is set to Everyone. Is this a bug or a feature?

It seems okay after ~2017 but more eractic before that.
I’m supporter since yesterday if that’s relevant.

I’ve moved your post over to this thread because it’s the same issue. You still had some activities that were set to “Just Me” for some reason.
I’ve corrected those, and I’ve started the LifeMap rebuild which can take some minutes.

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it worked. Thank you very much!!

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