Levittown, NY missing

I can no longer find my town Levittown, NY USA. I was out about 44% completed then on Sunday I did 11.5 miles it shows up on my life map, but on the activity it shows no streets completed or progressed.

:thinking: Is this it? https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/175628

It looks like it’s (incorrectly?) placed at admin level 15, as a “child” of North Wantagh.
North Wantagh actually looks like its own city just south of Levittown.

Very odd. If that first link looks like the correct Levittown to you (correct border, etc), then I can import that separately.

Yes this is it. You are correct that North Wantagh is city/town. That would be greatly appreciated if you could do that. I guess it was that way before the update as it showed separately.