Leaderboard extensions

Ever since the leaderboards were introduced I find myself checking how I am doing in relation to my next target. Since the target is always moving, this involves checking the target street count and comparing it to my own.

To make this easier I think it would be interesting to have a simplified leaderboard, maybe as a collapsible tab, which shows the current street count for a series of benchmark ranks like rank 10, rank 100, rank 1000, … This would give an overview of the field at a glance, and could maybe be tracked over time in a graph.

The cherry on top would be the possibility to overlay one’s own cumulative street count on the graph to show personal progress relative to the benchmark values.

It is fun knowing how many roads to jump up the next spot in the rankings! Would love to see this sort of thing expanded. Adds to the gamification. Adding the leaderboard and rankings on the cities were great additions.

The all time leaderboard on the profile is great but having some smaller goals like a leaderboard for the month and the current year could also add some gamification. Just another hook to get people coming back or setting a goal.

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