Latest update - city view

Hi James,

Latest update has done some weird stuff to my citystrides.

It no longer displays the red and green nodes on the city map, everything is now just a brown circle. I’ve tried it on 3 different browsers and get the same problem in each. I haven’t tried it on a different machine yet, but maybe others are experiencing this?

When I look at different activities, the nodes are different colours.

I’ve included a screen shot


One adverse change, for me anyway, is that under each city, there is no more info about the number of streets completed. I have a spreadsheet that when provided the number of streets completed for a given city, it will tell me how many more streets I need to advance to the next percentage point, or how many I need to catch or surpass the leader.

Jacob, if you click on the icon on the right of the street, it’ll take you to that street and tells you how many nodes you touched and the remaining untouched ones.

Thanks Linus,

I suppose that’s a good workaround to work out which nodes I need, but it seems like it would be a bit of a hassle when planning out my routes.

James, is there anyway you could bring back the coloured nodes on the city map?

Thanks for pointing this out - I’m taking a look now.

OK @katsipis … your nodes should display properly now.
Also, @qaptainqwerty … I’ve added the counts back to the street lists.

Sorry about that!
I was previously using this plugin called DataTables for the lists throughout the site. It did a fine job, but I couldn’t do much more with it. This recent update included a lot of custom VueJS components, and I hope to expand from here to make things more interactive.
Hopefully you enjoy the updates … after they work properly :flushed: :laughing:

Still one tiny error.
My city has 736 streets. I have 199 incomplete and 935 completed.
My math skills are not the best, but i sense something is wrong :slight_smile:

Thank you, James, but the count you added is for all the cities combined for the user, not for the particular city shown.

:confounded: :confounded: :confounded:

Well, this helps with what @hjkiddk reported :point_up:

I’ll fix it up this morning… :flushed:

alright @hjkiddk & @qaptainqwerty … this is super probably actually fixed now :grimacing:

I like the new look. Nice work!


That did it, thank you, James. Uh, for the desktop computer, that is. On my iPhone (iOS 11.3) in both Chrome and Safari browsers, in the city view, there is zero info about how many streets left or completed. No place to look up info on the streets themselves either.

Argh!! I’ll check this out later today…

OK, I think I took care of this one as well. Let me know if there are others, I’ll be over here sitting in quiet shame. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Things working well this end. Thanks so much for the tireless work you do, I really enjoy your site.

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Almost there, James. The numbers are showing etc but the Completed and Remaining tabs are reversed, i.e the Completed tab has the number of streets to be covered while the Remaining tab has the streets the user already touched. Also, if I want to find out how which nodes for a street I missed I would have to go to the Completed tab to find it.

It’s ok … I’m a professional … all of this is exactly what I want to happen.

I’ve just swapped those around to the correct order.
I did leave the tab order as incomplete/complete/striders, because my take is that most people are going to the page to see what they have left to run. Let me know if you have strong opinions otherwise.

Thanks for all your help and patience here!