Lack of progression in overall percentage

Hi. All the delays in the completed/progressed for last 2 days seem to have resolved. I’ve completed 6 streets last 2 days and admittedly they were only a few smaller back alleys with a couple of stray nodes. However overall city progress hasn’t budged from 97.8 percent. Any way of telling if it should have?

New delays :tada:

I haven’t completely figured out the new delay. Some of it seems due to lots of activity deletions (these are actually kind of expensive). This is affecting progression calculations.

I’m still trying to figure it out. Unsure if it’s certain activity or if it’s just the general increase in activity.

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What the heck?! It just updated! haha…thanks if you did something…I’ll just be more patient in general (always a challenge for me) :slight_smile: :grinning: And I promise, I haven’t deleted anything nor will I :slight_smile: Good luck and thanks for all you do!