Issues on cities tab?

Hi all @JamesChevalier.

issue 1:
I just noticed something when searching a city to run during my coming vacation. I klicked on some cities found via the menu ‘çities’. Each time I wanted to view a new city, the line of the earlier city stays in the lifemap view!
It looks real cool, but I don’t know if this is the functionality you want.

issue 2:
I also saw that for instance the city ‘Het Hogeland’ is existing twice in de DB. The one in the Netherlands should be the correct one

I really like the feature like this. If it’s meant to be, keep it!

I love this kind of pictures
Would a toggle for personal lifemap be a possibility?

  1. Yeah, I changed the cities to a show/hide like the streets. I think they both still have the bug where changing the page breaks the “hide” button.

  2. There are a number of duplicate cities - specifically between Netherlands/Germany. I think my Overpass server (the tool I use to query OSM data) got that area mixed up somehow. I’ll delete that extra city.