Is the Home page supposed to look like this?

At the top are 3 most recent activities - all well and good. Then comes the chart, and folks, we all love the chart. Then the big shiny scoreboard numbers - very cool, I like that.

But after Friends, what’s with the list of activities below, why is it displaying activities at irregular intervals? This doesn’t seem right, I’m pretty sure in the past it displayed all recent activities in order. Maybe they shouldn’t be there at all since the 3 at the top are correct? To be excruciatingly clear, this is not something that bothers me in the slightest as I never usually look here, but today it caught my eye and I thought I’d bring it to light in case it should be fixed.

I zoomed out to show everything in one image.

Redoing that list is pretty high on my to-do list.

What you’re looking at is a list of your friend’s activities.

It isn’t displaying any identifying information, so a quick fix would be to add that (their avatar and name, for example). However, I suspect that a list of activities is less interesting than a list of recent accomplishments. So an overall long-term improvement to this list might be to entirely rethink its content.


Ah, that makes sense! I didn’t have a friend before today so that’s why I never saw it before. But of course, I quickly fired off a post rather than clicking one of the activities and realizing that myself… :man_facepalming:

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