Is a "Track" really a street

Some OSM mappers round by way have been busy marking up footpaths & bridleways by their sort of coded “name”. E.g. here this bridleway BY 527 BY 527 - CityStrides
As such I have some “new to me” “streets” to do but should they really be on here…
Now it appears in OSM as it has been marked up as a Track/Land Access Road

This is what the southern end looks like. Google Maps
Good luck driving up there!

Motor vehicle access has NOT been set in OSM.

However it make me think that “normally” CS only contains “streets” you can drive on.

Now I guess you can have “legitimate” unmade roads that are Track / Land Access Roads but certainly most of these ones that appear like this one do seem to fit with what we have here.

Otherwise we may as well go and run every single bit of publically accessible paths like say wanderer wants you to do.

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Thsi topic is popped up several times in the forums here. I for me want all those land accesss roads here in the rural villages i live nearby to be incorporated in CS.

I am no OSM expert, but if the linked street is in fact a bridleway, then it seems like it should be marked as so in OSM (OSM Birdleway). Bridleways are ignored in the CityStrides query.