Individual run doesn't sync on lifetime map

Hi there!

This is ironic… My first run with the sole purpose on March 14th to get some extra streets on the map doesn’t show the activity on lifetime map. However it does show on the map of the activity itself.
Can I do something to fix this? I saw somewhere that this run should be deleted and will probably show correctly on the next sync.

Other runs aftet March 14th are showing correctly. However I can’t find the option to delete an activity…

Thanks in advance!

If the activity page itself has a map then it WILL eventually get into your lifetime map. I have things cached in odd intervals, so it sounds like they’re out of sync… That’s on my list of Things To Fix…

While on the activity page, open the menu - do you see “delete activity 94937372” (or whatever number)?
I can’t remember if I enabled this for everyone or just me… :stuck_out_tongue:

This option is available for everyone (who knows where to find it :wink:).

I deleted the activity and will try if the run becomes visible with the next sync.

faster then expected (almost immediately) the run appeared in lifetime map. Thanks for helping out!

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If you delete an activity in CityStrides, will it be re-sync’ed back in with the next sync? (Assuming the activity exists in the source app).

Yeah, it will.
At least, it’s supposed to. :smile:

I’m having an issue getting my runs over the last week to sync to the map. I have tried numerous to sync at various times of the day since Friday but nothing has uploaded.


JamesChevalier just sent out an email telling me to unplug and then re-connect my Mapmyfitness account and that worked. Thanks,