Incorrect info about who completed a street; undoing Manual marking?

There is a bug with info about who completed a given street. It seems the only time I get to know who completed a given street is when I myself completed it. Every now and then I would check to see what nodes I may miss for a given street. When I get to that street’s info page, it says no one else completed it. I know it’s untrue because I saw other people who hit all the nodes for the street.

I accidentally hit Manual Completion for University Place in New York, New York. Any way to undo it? For future improvement, maybe we can have an “Are you sure?” when the Manual Completion button is pressed? (Or whatever it’s called, I’m afraid to go near it now.)


OK, I see what was happening … I should have a fix released sometime today.

One caveat of this fix is that I’m also going to stop forcefully placing ourselves at the top of the Striders list on the street page. It added some additional complexity to the code, and doesn’t appear to me to be worth the trouble. Let me know if it actually is. :wink:

You fixed it, James. Thx!