Incorrect country count

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Hello. I have run in a number of countries however my life map only shows two countries. I cam zoom into my map and see that I have run in the US, Canada, Belize, Mexico, Cozumel and others. Any idea why the number of countries in my profile is only shown as two?

If you look at your profile page, under Cities in progress. Do you see any cities not in US or Canada?

I do not see any from Canada. I see US cities and territories (Puerto Rico and United States Virgin Islands). The only non-US city/country I see is “San Miguel de Cozumel, Quintana Roo”. The map however shows a different story.

Since your profile is private, we can’t see it. But my guess is that you have run in places that are not part of a city that is defined in CityStrides. If you set you profile to public we might see if there is a problem or not

Ah, so the system does not know country boundaries? It only knows that a city is in a country but not what a country is?

That’s correct! It’s called CityStrides because all is based on cities. After a run is downloaded it checks if the run is in any city as defined in CS and OSM. Then of course all cities are within a country, so countries can be counted that way