Impossible to navigate in LifeMap (with iPad/iPhone)

First, thanks for your great job on Citystrides !

I hope no other thread has been open for similar issue, but if so, I haven’t find it through any search.
Since 2 or 3 weeks (approx.) I can’t navigate into LifeMap with my iOS devices (iPad, iPhones) any more. I mean, zooming buttons are still working, but I cannot move the map Up, Down, Left or Right with my fingers… where it worked perfectly before !
And I’ve no issue with laptop nor desk computer (Mac or Windows). Have I missed something ?

Thanks your helping.

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Yes, i have the same thing and did post it as well. I did find out that when I activate live position and I move the map touching live location it does work, maybe this will help charles troubleshooting.
What I also notice is that the top bar is moving instead of the map if I try to move the map.

Hey @jbbommier … I can’t reproduce this. :frowning_face:

When I navigate to my (or your) LifeMap page, I can navigate around the map as expected - one finger drag to pan around, two finger pinch to zoom in/out, and two finger twist to reorient the map. I do notice that if I three-finger drag around, that weirdly moves the full webpage around - it doesn’t interact with the map.

This is definitely an issue that was reported in previous Mapbox (the map service I use) versions, but I haven’t seen it in the wild in a while.

Which iPhone device do you have, and which iOS version are you using?

Hi @JamesChevalier !

Actually, what you’re describing on your side for 3-fingers drag is the behaviour I get with any 1, 2 or 3-fingers operation : it moves or zooms the full webpage but not the map. Only the buttons can operate (zoom +/- and toggling to satellite view).

This happens for both iPhones (iPhone SE with iOS 11.4.1 or iPhone 8 with 11.4.1) and iPad (with iOS 10.2). This also happens when I switch to “desktop version” of the website.

Please tell me if I can bring any other information.
And, by the way : Merry Christmas ! :slight_smile:


Similar here. Might a workaround be to allow the mobile site to open the desktop version like you have in the fora part of your site?

I am thinking about shooting a video with my iPhone of this behavior from my iPad. Would that help?

Merry Christmas.

I’m not even aware of a “switch to desktop version” feature! :laughing: :joy:

I’ve definitely seen this issue in the past, but haven’t been able to reproduce it with later versions of Mapbox/iOS. I think device and OS specs as well as URLs for pages that have this problem would help the most.

@jbbommier / @RichardRichard - Does this behavior exist for all maps throughout the CityStrides site?

@JamesChevalier you’re a better troubleshooter than me : it appears that other maps do work well ! For instance Maps for Cities or Activities.

So it seems the trouble only appears for Livemap : mine, but also other members (I’ve tried).

Another thing : it works well (I mean Lifemaps) on my wife’s iPhone running with iOS 12. So I’m currently upgrading one of my two iPhones, to check if this is related.


Hi James
For me it is only in live map, where you can start node hunter. Also on the live maps of others. But not on a city map or when you look at a completed street.
In safari I found a toggle where I can switch to the desktop site but that didn’t solve the issue.

Thanks for looking in to this

Ok so I made a really sloppy quick video with my phone from my iPad and uploaded it here - YouTube
Maybe this helps?

Hello Guys,
I’ve updated my first iPhone (8) to iOS12 and… now Lifemap is working as expected ! :sweat_smile:
I’m currently updating my other device (so loooong), I’ll let you know if it solves for them also.

@JamesChevalier: by the way, NodeHunter rocks !!

Thanks @RichardRichard !
My current guess is that either this is an issue that only exists in older iOS versions (upgrading helped @jbbommier ) or there’s a javascript error occurring & that’s breaking expected Mapbox behavior. The process to debug javascript errors on iOS devices is rough (debugging description) … can you share a link to your LifeMap @RichardRichard ?

Hi James
Updating IOS On my phone solved the issue, thanks. I do feel a bit stupid now, thought I had automatic updates on.
Thanks for the help again.
Wishing you and your loved ones a great 2019.

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Hello !
Updating iOS made it both on iPhones & iPad. This is strange, as iOS 11.4 or even 10.x were not so old, but anyway : now it works! Thanks for helping. Now it’s time to hunt the remaining nodes. :smile:
See you all in 2019,