Idea: Make route multi-colored

When a created route has some overlap with itself on different parts of the run (eg, mile 2 and 9 pass the same block) and some degree of complexity, I find it to be difficult to look over the map before my run to familiarize myself. If the route had a gradient texture (eg, rainbow) to it, it would be easier to visualize I think. Same goes for viewing the run afterward in my activities. Thanks!

I’ve gotten some conflicting feedback on my past efforts around this idea: Gradient activity lines

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For the issue of figuring out the direction of travel, it would be more useful to have arrows. I load my complex routes into a Garmin 945 for turn by turn directions (which are good if there are 90 degree or greater turns, but when you get to a fork, you have no idea which is correct) and also into an Apple Watch via an App called WorkOutDoors. WorkOutDoors does not do turn by turn, but it shows a map on the watch screen with arrows which really help figure out what to do when the Garmin isn’t helping. The phone app side of it lets you view your loaded route with arrows as well (and shows your position along the route while you are on it). Below are screenshots of an entire complex route and detail of a section of it, showing how useful arrows are:


Toggle-on/off-able arrows would work just as well for me as a gradient! I also load onto my Garmin watch (for now), but have had almost given up on it due to the max-50 course point limit.

Arrorws would be really helpful. If I save a few rotutes at a time it is really hard to remember what way I am going. Even worse it its one or 50 points and garmin only shows lines. Would be nice to pull up on my web browser.

Since we’re giving feedback, I also wish the color of the route line was different from the color of the lifemap. When I toggle on my lifemap to make sure I haven’t run somewhere it is really difficult to tell if I traced my route over somewhere I already ran because they are the exact same shade of purple. Yes the line thickness is different but it would be cool if it was some sort of lighter/semi-transparent color that could show the Lifemap lines it overlapped.

Well the trace on both activity and route is now blue and my comment is past its expiration date :exploding_head: love it!


I have not worked too hard to find a TbT app for my Garmin 235. I know they exist, it’s just that a printed paper map is more to my liking. However, I do like the ideas of arrows, and in fact, an app that was just a big arrow might be very useful.