I could use help fixing up streets in Hamilton, Ontario

I have this list of streets that need their tags updated in OSM: Hamilton Streets - Google Sheets
They’re in Hamilton, Ontario - CityStrides

Each street has a “problem” column which explains what’s wrong with it. It’s mostly private property or dangerous for pedestrians.
If you’re proficient at OpenStreetMap editing, I could use help cleaning these up in OSM and then marking them as done/fixed in the Google Sheet.

So far, searching OSM in the style of StreetName Hamilton has done a good job bringing these up. Though I do expect the set of “Private Road” ways to be quite the task. :sweat_smile:
Thanks for whatever you can help with - these edits will help the top Strider there get to :100:

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I can take a stab at these. Where did the information in the “problem” column come from? Is that from the Strider attempting to run the roads? Just want to make sure I’m adding valid data to OSM (though some are obvious from aerial imagery!)

Yeah, direct report from the person who is about to complete it

Well I made a small dent. Will keep working through it tomorrow. Didn’t quite realize what you meant by the “Private Road” until I clicked into that one. Yikes! That import should have never happened.

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Hi Jim,
I’ve had difficulty tracking down the notes relating to the road that I got help with to mark as partly under construction but the initial advice I was given was to draw a parallelogram around the area and then update it. I found that advice difficult to follow so made an attempt but asked for it to be reviewed and that’s when I got the help I needed. The street is Bain Street in Edinburgh so perhaps if you take a look at it in OSM you might be able to figure out how GenaroZ fixed it.

I need to go through quite a few other streets in the city to mark them as private, paid for access or trunk roads i.e. dangerous if not illegal to walk or cycle on. Might take me a wee while to figure it out and I wasn’t as organised as Anita about keeping a note of them.

Thanks for setting this up for us all. It’s much appreciated.


:thinking: That’s odd, because they removed the construction tagging Way History: ‪Bain Street‬ (‪899293179‬) | OpenStreetMap

Comparing Tag:landuse=construction - OpenStreetMap Wiki and Tag:highway=construction - OpenStreetMap Wiki though … it does seem like highway=construction is a better fit for streets that are under construction for a considerable amount of time (at least six to nine months is what the wiki suggests).

Thanks for sharing the name of the street - it was helpful for me to review its tags.

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Interesting. I really need to take a look at how to make some of the updates. I did manage to change a few sections of what were off road cycle tracks in the hills that would have been dangerous to try to walk for both the walker and any cyclist by changing their use to exclude foot traffic.

I also tried to alter Sir Harry Lauder Road, which is broken up into multiple sections to show it wasn’t suitable for bike or foot traffic as it would be pretty suicidal to try it but ironically the same person that helped me with Bain Street undid my changes

The majority of these should be fixed now, including the “Private Road” ways. There were just a couple roads that it was hard to make a determination on from the aerial imagery.


:raised_hands: Thank you!