How to make Printable LifeMap poster

It’s pretty simple, but a bit tideous. Basic Photoshop skills is required.
Im no expert, so my approach probably doesn’t use the most optimal workflow.

There is a free online Photoshop clone here:

First you need a bunch of screenshots zoomed in on your LifeMap.
How many you need is determined by how big a poster you want and what resolution/size your monitor is.
I print in A3 size (11-3/4 x 16-1/2 in) and use a HP ultrawide mointor with 3440x1440 px resolution.
For that i need only 5 screenshots, which makes it a little easier.
Remember that images have to overlap and we don’t want the buttons to show.

Start a new project in Photopea and select your size.

You can then start dragging and dumping your screenshots in to Photopea.
Each image will be placed in to a new layer and you can now start editing each layer.
Use “rectangle select” to cut top and bottom of each screenshot with buttons.
Line up each layer to to fit with the next one.
Remember to set quality to 100% when exporting to JPEG

There is a bunch of tutorials for Photopea:

You can check out the quality of the finished image here:

Noting at the end, since the feature is still a work-in-progress: I would, obviously, very much rather people use the LifeMap Poster tool within CityStrides itself & provide feedback if it doesn’t meet your expectations.