How to change to Per Activity privacy

Here’s how you can switch your privacy level to ‘Per Activity’. This is useful if you want to have a public account except for a few private activities … or a private account except for a few public activities. It’s a bit complex, because the process touches all of your activities.

  • Go to your Settings page
  • Set your ‘Location Privacy Level’ to ‘Everyone’ (if you want to be public with some exceptions) or ‘Just Me’ (if you want to be private with some exceptions)
    • This will update all of your activities to be public/private, so you should wait some minutes to let that complete
  • Go back to your Settings page
  • Set your ‘Location Privacy Level’ to ‘Per Activity’
    • This will not touch your activities (they’re all public/private now), but will update your User so that new activities synced into CityStrides will take the run tracking service’s privacy level
  • Edit individual activities to set the ‘Share activity map with:’ to ‘Just Me’

Thank you for the write-up!
Again, my goal is to view hide (or delete) certain runs from my LifeMap because my watch was acting up and the GPS Trail is WAY off on a few.

I understand the instructions as written but am unable to complete the last step;

  • Edit individual activities to set the ‘Share activity map with:’ to ‘Just Me’
    I do not see (and cannot find) that option in Settings, Profile or when I click on any activity.

I am on a PC Computer using Firefox.
Please let me know if this is a feature that only Supporters can see,

While you’re viewing an individual Activity, there should be a link in the menu (between Settings and Home) that’s labeled Edit Activity 1 (or whatever Activity ID you’re looking at). That link takes you to the Edit page, and in the right column there should be a field for Share activity map with: that’s just above the Update button.

:flushed: Apologies ahead of time - that Activity Edit form is a horror show. :confounded:

There it is !!!
Thank you again :slight_smile:

So after going through these steps… How do I NOT see the individual activities that have been edited out.

All Activities are set to ‘Everyone’, a few have been edited so the activity is ‘Just Me’ but when I look at my LifeMap… I still see them.
Is the ONLY way to not see the activity to log out and look at my link ?
i.e. -
if yes, any way to get the lines purple instead of red ?

I appreciate all you have done to assist, I just want the bad activities to NOT show up and thought there might be an easy way to delete them.
i.e. delete from MapMyRun and CityStrides then next sync they would not show

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Seems like that actually worked;
1 - Find and delete the bad GPS Activity from MapMyRun (or wherever you sync from)
2 - Delete the activity from CityStrides
After the next sync it is not showing. Will play around more with this later but by doing it this way I do not need to change privacy settings or log out to see the changes.

rsgreen3 --> I have done this also. After deleting the bad activity from CityStrides, I will go in MapMyRun, delete the activity with bad GPS data and then enter a manual workout entry with the distance and time of the workout that I deleted. This way you can still track your weekly mileage, etc. The manual entry will not have any mapping information in it, so CityStrides will not display your route on the next sync.

What are these “settings” thing that you keep mentioning ? I’ve been looking all over forum and i keep seeing them being mentionted. But there’s no such thing as settings… Is it a paid feature ? Just in case i attach the screenshot of my menu. I’ve checked all of menu items and still can’t see settings inside any of them.
Thank’s in adavance for any info that might help to clarify this issue.

Click top right in the navigation bar


Oh my :smiley: thank’s a lot. I’ve literally spent nearly an hour trying to find it, and googling :flushed: