How do I 'delete' a connection?

I am getting double entries for every run - one from Stava and one from MapMyFitness. Want to delete the MapMyFitness connection … how?

Now that you bring it up… :open_mouth: I don’t think I built that feature. :grimacing:
I’d normally suggest that you revoke access from within MapMyFitness, but I also think that this would remove any of those activities from CityStrides. So if you had any non-duplicate activities, those would be lost.

So I’d suggest choosing from these options:

  • Don’t do anything & pretend it’s not happening (ignore the duplicate activities)
  • Revoke access within MapMyFitness, if you don’t have any activities that you want to keep around
  • Wait for me to build out some sane functionality here

Regarding the third option - I’m interested in what kind of behavior you would expect/want here.
Do you want the ability to stop syncing but retain activities within CityStrides?
If you revoke access from within MapMyFitness, do you want/expect activities to be deleted in CityStrides?

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Actually, I’ll just revoke access from MapMyFitness. The only reason I connected it (and opened an account with them) is because of the Strava login problem that we had a few weeks ago. Now that Strava connection is working again all is right . Happy camper here, loving City Strides!
As far as your question … in a real-life situation where i had lots of Mapmyfitnes, or other site-linked, data I would certainly like to be able to retain any activities from that site.