How are cities uploaded/created

I was just wondering how new cities are added (please note this isn’t any sort of criticism I am just genuinely nosey/curious).
Obviously there is the ‘new cities to add’ thread, but as far as I can see none of those cities have been added since May '16 with Athens, Greece. However, I see new cities are added every day.
The latest being Alcover, Cataluna 2 hours ago. Which as far as I can see using the search function hasn’t been requested in any community post and has no active runners. It was also originally created in March '16.

Again, this isn’t a criticism just interested in the backend of the site.

Ah, yeah, these are two different things.

It has been a while since I have added new cities to the site. I’ve been in bug fixing mode & haven’t gotten back to that thread…

What you’re seeing in this site - what your screenshot shows - are new comment threads showing up. These are created when someone visits a city page if no thread already exists. When you’re on a city page, there’s the runners tab & the streets tab & the comments tab … that comments tab links to the forum entry here.