Holes Bay Road Poole

Hello James

Just enquiring about the Holes Bay Road, West Street & West Quay Road in Poole. Is there a reason why these roads do not have nodes on them?

I have ran the entire Holes Bay Road except the part that is included on the map which is the most dangerous section of the whole road leading to a pedestrian prohibited section of highway.

I see them listed as yellow roads on the map, would this make any difference?. This would also be the case for the Dorset Way as well

Thanks Mark

Information is imported from OpenStreetMap. If there is an error in OpenStreetMap it will also be in CityStrides. You can edit Openstreetmap and correct the errors.
The easiest solution is to just mark them as manually completed.

I have changed the streets to no foot traffic

But the information will not update in CityStrides until James update his database of streets.

For further information try looking in the wiki section

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