History Sync issue

Sorry…posted this originally in the wrong thread…
Hey. First, I am super stoked to try to run every street in the new small town I recently moved too as a way to get to know the place. A buddy and I both signed up yesterday. His historical data from Strava came over but mine hasn’t. But a new run today appeared. Anything I can do to get the history over?

Also, if I’m on my user page (https://citystrides.com/users/11196) I show 3 different “me’s”. Is this 3 different cities I’ve run in? One is bogus (in the middle of the ocean)

Thanks for supporting is great asset!

I just started a sync for your account - hopefully that starts bringing in your past activities.

When you’re viewing your profile page, that’s a list of your activities. If those maps are wrong, then it is probably a bad tracking from your app … although, I have a suspicion that Strava records treadmill activities incorrectly - I haven’t been able to confirm that, yet.

Awesome! Thank you! I will keep an eye out.

Hi, I have the same issue, the last two months or so synced and every new run syncs, but I’m still missing quite a few prior to two months ago (11286).

I’ll just need your profile URL … I can’t find you via “aa28” or “Erik” in the site. :smile:

Ok, I did add my user-id! :wink:
Thank you!

:flushed: oops sorry I totally missed that (obviously)!
I just started a sync for your account - activities should start appearing soon.

Hi, I just learned of this app/site and am super excited for this functionality. I’ve been knocking out every road in my area for awhile and just tracking manually, so this app is perfect for me! Do I need to do anything to upload my history? My user ID# is 11586. Thank you for any help!

There’s a sync running for your account now. :+1: You should be seeing activities arriving slowly, and (even more slowly) progress calculations for your cities.
If you notice that your city isn’t in the site - hang tight - I’m at the tail end of a massive project to improve city coverage & street data cleanliness.

Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate your prompt reply.