Help with deleting a street

Nature Gardens is not a street in my hometown of Bristol UK. It is just a garden in the city Zoo. However it shows up with nodes. As I’m a technophobe is there any member of CS who could delete the street for me?

When I visit Bristol - Bristol, England - CityStrides - and I search for “Nature Gardens” in the list of streets, it is not found. If you’re able to find the street in CityStrides, click its “Go” button, then share that link here, that’ll help out.

I noticed a street in my hometown of BRISTOL UK that is not technically a street. It’s a plaza inside a he city zoo. I think it needs to be deleted as a street but don’t know how to do it. Can anyone do it for me?

As James already said, give us in this forum the link to the street in CS, that should not be a street and several people can assist you in doing the OSM change that is needed.

I managed to locate it, it should be Nectar Gardens, not Nature. It’s tagged as a pedestrian highway. Not sure if that is correct, but I changed it to access=customers, as I’ve done for similar problems in Stockholm zoo. So it should disappear from CS in next load, within a month or so


Thank you Hans