Help test LifeMap beta (open to all)

If you’d like to help test out a new version of the LifeMap, you can visit the link highlighted below (you must swap out YOUR_ID_HERE with your actual user ID):
You can get your user ID by going to and opening the top right menu and choosing profile and copying the number in the address bar that comes after /users/

Ideally you won’t be able to see a difference. The initial load might be a little slower, but that’s all I’ve noticed so far.
Also ideally for this test… you’d exclusively use this beta version as opposed to just opening it up, playing around for a minute, and then switching back to the regular page. Obviously, if it stopped working properly for you then you’d switch back (and leave a note here), but this test is going to be most helpful for me if lots of people are continuously using it.

Caveats on this map_beta page

  • Toggling the LifeMap on/off is disabled
  • Time Filter is disabled
  • ReRun is disabled

Notes on the ‘why’ behind this test

The non-Supporter & Supporter LifeMap have been different data formats up until recently (some days ago). I was able to make the good data format available to non-Supporters - the main benefit here is that some devices couldn’t display large numbers of activities, so some non-Supporters couldn’t view their LifeMap at all. This data format fixes that.
But this caused another issue of delaying non-Supporter LifeMap builds by 24+ hours. That’s not a great experience, and I don’t really want to sweep that under the “oh well it’s free” rug.
Which brings us to this test - another data format that completely removes the build process entirely. This seems to work well for my own account, and a handful of other people have had the same experience.

Testing Process

So now it’s time to get some more people testing to see how everything works under heavier loads. I need to let everyone use this page for some time, so I can get a sense of what it does to overall systemload.

  • :heavy_check_mark: Initial test with just Supporters
  • :heavy_check_mark: Follow-up tests open to everyone
  • :heavy_check_mark: Swap it out entirely (so the map_beta page and the map page are both the same)
  • :heavy_check_mark: I’ll be keeping an eye on system load, and watching this thread to listen for any reported issues
  • :heavy_check_mark: Fully drop the map_beta page
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I tried to use the link and it gave me the error it doesnt exist now.

Did you swap out YOUR_ID_HERE with your User ID?
Your specific link would end up being

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Worked for me on my first try with it. Will try to test drive it more extensively in the days ahead.

that worked

It was very slow on the first load, which was centered on my main area. After that it seemed fine for a while. I moved from Belgium, to western Europe, to UK, to east coast USA, to west coast USA, zooming in on some patches as I went. Then went to south america, recent Bogota trip, and it stopped loading the lifemap. I tried to refresh and got an “Uh oh. You’ve made too many requests in a short amount of time.” error. That feels a bit counterintuitive to somewhat normal map usage. Idk if it is because everything had to be rendered for a first time or not. By the time I wrote out this post, I could refresh the page again and it worked again.

PS: the mapbox map also seems very slow at the moment, lots of “NS_BINDING_ABORTED” errors in the browser network tab, but I dont think that is something you can fix

PPS: Why are there calls to Stripe in this page? I would think that should only be in a page where I have to do any payment setup.

Ah, yeah, I’ve got some throttling in place that will probably not be compatible with map interactions like this. Thanks for sharing!

Are you noticing the same slowness on other pages?

They request that their code be added to all pages throughout the site for their fraud detection.

Yup, it’s also on the old lifemap. I assume their system did not appreciate my quick moving around either :stuck_out_tongue:

When i opened it, it opened to Canada which isn’t the best for someone in England but i’m on my map now and it looks fine.

I have no idea how that can happen. :thinking: If you open a new tab and paste the map_beta URL in, does it keep dropping you in Canada?

It’s not doing that to me for your map. I do notice some flickering, and some of the sections load a little slow. :slightly_frowning_face: Do you notice that, when zooming in/out and panning around, or is it mostly ok for you?

Everything opened quickly and I noticed no difference between the “old map” and the beta map.

Thank you

Ok now that I had time. Took about 1 second to load the map. After that I cant tell any difference beside the hovering. Looks like runs as normal. Tried on my PC and phone.

Seems no different to the ‘old’ map experience James, all good.

I was wondering why my last 4 activities weren’t showing up on my life map. The Beta map loaded up quickly and shows the missing activities.

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I can not tell the difference. Seems good here! Thanks

There is a bit of flickering but ive not noticed any slowness

i’ve tried opening Dani's Map View (beta) - CityStrides in a new tab and my mistake its not Canada but New York - Well to the east of New York - is it Long Island? Rosylyn Harbour, Hempstead, Oyster Bay etc

My beta map is actually more up to date than my old map. My run from 10/26 is shown on beta, not on old.

Yeah, that’s part of what I’m trying to fix with this new version. Glad to hear things are working out so far.

I’m about to switch over the actual LifeMap page to use this version, to see how that affects load. I’m slightly worried, so I’m going to be keeping a close eye on things.


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The life map is working well for me. Kudos to you for all the work you do.
You are great at responding and your dedication to this site is wonderful.

The beta looks ok.