Help me test LifeMap Beta (in-browser cache)


I released a beta version of LifeMap that includes in-browser cache. It stores all of your activities in your browser (using IndexedDB via Dexie if you’re interested). I’m hoping that this speeds things up for you and makes the site a little cheaper for me to operate.

I’ve never worked with IndexedDB/Dexie before, so I’m not sure if I’m doing it right. I’d love your help testing it, if you have some free time (or want to try using it exclusively for a little bit).

To view it, you add _beta to the end of the URL (before the # if you’ve zoomed/scrolled). So my LifeMap URL is and my LifeMap Beta URL is

:man_shrugging: Does it work for you? Does it seem faster?


It works for me, but not sure it’s faster.

Perhaps the benefits will only really show, when the servers are under heavy load?


It works fine for me. It seems a bit faster on PC, but my internet speed is a bit variable so I can’t be sure. It doesn’t seem to make much difference on my phone.


Works for me. I don’t know if its any faster though.