GPS not working when using Citystrides live

:link: My profile link : Craig Frizzle - CityStrides

When using Citystrides the GPS showing my location is WAY off. If i go to any of my map apps it places me right where I am but citystrides shows me hundreds of metres away. Anyone else having this issue when using the site?

I used this feature yesterday with no problems at all.

See photo attached to activity, if more curious.

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No, both yesterday and today I was spot on with CityStrides


I can’t see the activity, but I appreciate the feedback. Curious as to why I’m having this issue.

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Thanks, I appreciate the feedback.

@cfrizzle forgot my activities are connections only. I thought I had it open for CityStrides. I did modify if you are curious. Thanks for heads up on settings on my end.

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If iOS, you can try:
Settings → Privacy & Security → Location Services → Safari Websites → ensure “Precise Location” is enabled


Thanks, but it’s Android. I’ll delve into the settings and see if there is a similar fix.

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@cfrizzle So what day was your GPS off? I did not look initially, and you’ve been quite busy since then.

I became curious because I just had this happen to me: Garmin Connect

Contrary to how the trace looks, I was not crossing streets.

It’s not the first time, but it is due (I believe) to walking amongst tall buildings.

Might that be true for you?

Anyway, hope the link works. I forget if privacy setting is global at Garmin, or per activity. I could not find it on the activity. So how did I do it before?

PS. The other day, in a wide open neighborhood, it worked fine: Garmin Connect